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Good Make Up Remover

good make up remover

    make up
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couponing: target

couponing: target

some days, you have your good couponing days and some days you have your bad couponing days.

today was a bad one.

cashiers can make or break your trip.
"it has to look like the picture" - "yes, you're right, TIDE should have pictured ALL of their products instead of just saying "ON ANY TIDE PRODUCT"
"it's more than the face value" "but its not, it's for 2 products therefore you divide by 2?"
"you can't use that on a clearance item" "but it doesn't say you can't?"
"it has to state that specific type" "but is says ANY?"
"you can't use 2 buy one get one free coupons" "but i got 4 items?"
"you can't use 2 coupons for 1 product" "one is a store coupon and the other is a manufacturer coupon"

it gets tiring...

i meant to go to target to get contact solution and face wash along w/some other blogged deals, but instead this is how it turned out...on 2 trips.

target #1:
st ives, retail $0.97, bought 3 used 3 - $.50/1 manu Qs = $0.47/each
twix, retail $0.79, bought 1 w/1 - FREE manu Q = FREE (not pictured)
trident layers, retail $1.29, bought 3 w/1 - $1/3 & 1 - B2G1 = $0.53/each
(supposed to be $.33/each but prices are regional and i forgot to calculate last minute)
J&J first aid kit to go, retail $0.97/each, bought 2 w/1 - $1.50/2 manu Q = $0.22/each
neutrogena face wash, retail $1.99, bought 1 w/1 - $1/1 Target Q & $1/1 Manu Q = FREE
shout wipes, clearance $0.67, bought 4
--> this cashier wouldn't let me use any of my $.75/2 manu Qs because she said it exceeded the value (which it didn't because it was for 2 products & because it excludes trial size, which it doesn't, hence the word "ANY"...because she had read every single coupon i had a few times i didn't have the energy to argue w/her...)

target #2: (i really wanted to use the shout Q and find some wet wipes so i went to another store)
shout wipes, clearance $0.48, bought 2, used 1 - $.75/2 manu Q = $.11/each
neutrogena, make up remover, $1.99, bought 1 used 1 - TARGET Q $1/1 & tried to use a MANU Q but she said it had to look like the picture (instead of just saying "ANY") then after handing me my bag she says and i quote "maybe it's because you already used a coupon on it *shrugs her shoulders*, "i don't know?"...which sums it up there, most of the cashiers really don't know...i was too tired to fight this one..

Stairs, Before and After-ish

Stairs, Before and After-ish

So, a little bit of comparison.

The photo on the right is after I had hand-scrubbed each step multiple times with about twenty bottles of Resolve Triple Action Stain Remover over a period of about a week and a half. And then my mom steam cleaned it to polish the whole mess off.

I had hopes that the steam cleaner would perform magic on it's own, but unfortunately learned in the beginning that the steam cleaner wasn't able to pick up any of the deep-set stain. So I had to get it as pristine as possible using the ol' Cinderella method.

The title of the picture is "After-ish" because this is actually a During photo overall. After cleaning the stairs, I'd joint compounded the various cracks and sanded them down (you can still see the dust and stuff in the picture, though this was after I had half-heartedly vacuumed the mess). I still have more work to do here, primarily painting the walls and trim.

good make up remover

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