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Mineral Makeup Palette - Makeup Artist World - Kim Kardashian Make Up Look

Mineral Makeup Palette

mineral makeup palette

    mineral makeup
  • Makeup made from fine-textured, earth-based minerals, like zinc oxide, mica or titanium dioxide. Often, mineral makeup is free of potentially irritating colors, chemicals, fragrances and preservatives, making it ideal for rosacea, acne-prone or sensitive skin.

  • A thin board or slab on which an artist lays and mixes colors

  • The range of colors used by a particular artist or in a particular picture

  • the range of colour characteristic of a particular artist or painting or school of art

  • board that provides a flat surface on which artists mix paints and the range of colors used

  • The range or variety of tonal or instrumental color in a musical piece

  • pallette: one of the rounded armor plates at the armpits of a suit of armor

*Whole Collection 6 Sets - 8 Color Lipgloss (#1 - #6)

*Whole Collection 6 Sets - 8 Color Lipgloss (#1 - #6)

Star Lip Gloss Makeup Kit
Get the whole collection - totally 6 Color Versions
In each set there are 8 selected classic colors : Glittery , Glossy , Pure
Classic colors, easily create glossy and brilliant sexy lips makeup
Mirror and one lip brush are included
Suitable for causal makeup and party makeup
Each Color Size : 1.6cm x 1.6cm
Case Size : 7cm x 4.5cm x 2cm
Ingredients : Mineral Oil, Isopropyl Palmitate, Antti-Oxidant

Use Minerals Mate for foiling

Use Minerals Mate for foiling

Foiling is the ever-so-fun art of adding water (or saline solution) to your eye color for that magnificent metallic look. With a Minerals Mate application palette, you can foil only a dab or two of your favorite eye shadows and keep your original tubs of product clean and dry.

mineral makeup palette

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