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Make up games to play online. Best scene makeup. Mineral makeup free sample.

Make Up Games To Play Online

make up games to play online

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make up games to play online - Graco TotBloc

Graco TotBloc Pack 'N Play with Carry Bag, Bugs Quilt

Graco TotBloc Pack 'N Play with Carry Bag, Bugs Quilt

Whether home or away, this Pack 'N Play Playard helps you give Baby a safe place to play. It has a strong, stable frame and airy mesh walls so Baby's comfortable and 4 interactive bug toys to keep him entertained. The roomy square design gives him plenty of play space to crawl, explore, and figure out what to do with all those developing muscles. It sets up and folds in less than a minute and comes with a handy carry bag, so you can easily bring it with you to your yard, the beach, Grandma's, or anywhere the day might take you.

The first thing to note about Graco’s pack ‘n play is that it is larger than many playards. This colorful, mesh-sided pen unfolds to a 38" x 38" square, rather than the rectangular shape of most others on the market. While this equates to needing more space, it also means that baby is provided with a bigger (and sturdier) area to play in. The playard’s stability comes from a four-footed metal frame, which-along with the four corner feet-gives it eight points of contact with the ground.
easy portability
The included bag makes storing and carrying easy.
Setup takes one person only minutes, from snapping the frame in place to securing the rigid, padded-top floor (cutely decorated with a fun bug pattern) with the Velcro fasteners. Breaking it down again is just as simple, and there is a convenient nylon storage/carrying bag included for easy portability. Bundled up, the pack ‘n play measures a compact 38 inches long by 10 inches square, but at nearly 24 pounds, it might be heavier than expected.
Baby will appreciate the extra space, the friendly bug motif, being able to see mom and dad through the soft mesh walls, and the four interactive toys-one on each side. There’s a sun with a mirror at its center, teaching baby self-awareness. The ladybug’s body houses a squeak toy. Show them how to beep it to teach ear, eye, and hand coordination. Both the bee and the butterfly have wings that "flap" inside the playpen-one set creates a rattling noise when moved, while the other makes a crinkling sound. Baby will enjoy the different sounds, textures, and stimulations the toys offer, while parents will enjoy not having to pick them up or losing them.
Care for the pack ’n play is easy: use a damp cloth or sponge with household soap to wipe vinyl, plastic, and metal parts; the bag can be machine washed and either line dried or tumbled on low. Should you need to replace the bag or floor pad, both are available for purchase separately.

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June 6 2009 - Baseball Game #2

June 6 2009 - Baseball Game #2


Today is the 2nd of our baseball games this season. This time it's a night game. Hopefully the weather stays nice.

Before we head to the game I get to help play "cable guy" and set up my grandmother's new cable boxes, thanks to Comcast screwing around with their analog to digital equipment. I really wish they understood how they are affecting the senior citizen population. If my family were not able to help set up her equipment, she'd be lost. They don't include instructions with their boxes (of any real detail), and tell people to look for them online. Look - if someone can't operate a cable box, they're sure as hell not going to know how to operate a computer to go download instructions. And why is it necessary for people to get rid of their old VCRs (yes, many people still use them) if they want to still record programs and watch others at the same time? Oh, right, it's a way for Comcast to make more money by getting people to buy the DVR boxes. Don't get me wrong - I love my HDTV and gadgets as much as the next person, but having to create my own simplified version of operating instructions for my grandmother is stupid - Comcast should do all of that. But then that would require customer service orientation, wouldn't it? Right. Silly me.

Challenge Me. Make Me Learn. Teach Me New Things. Aspire Me To Learn And Play Guitar!....

Challenge Me. Make Me Learn. Teach Me New Things. Aspire Me To Learn And Play Guitar!....

"It's nice to be my lil cousins big brother. More and more I can see my influence in her. I try to teach her something every time I see her, and I go out of my way to do nice things for her.

Me and my lil rockstar cousin always haves fun, she begs me to come play our games, begs me to carry her around. When her mom comes and when its time to say good by, she always cries. When i give her a goodbye hug, most of the time she never let go of my leg.

I thank her for the times we've shared, She makes silly faces that always made me laugh. Her constant smiles always brighten my day. What i love her most is the way she shows her trust in me, by coming to me for help when she is troubled. I'll always be there for you my lil pretty princess..."

with love


make up games to play online

make up games to play online

Cables To Go 28731 3-Play S-Video, Composite Video and TOSLINK Digital Audio High Performance Selector Switch (Black)

Why connect and reconnect cables to manually switch between devices. Get rid of the cable hassle, and add flexibility to your home theater system with the 3-Play selector. Plug in this switch and quickly add three toslink, three s-video, and three RCA composite audio/video ports to your system. Great for connecting three of the following: DVD players, satellite receivers, video game consoles or digital video recorders - any devices that have dual channel analog or toslink audio with s-video or composite video. This is an ideal solution for the a/v enthusiast who wants to take full control of an ever-expanding system. Use the wireless remote control or the three front panel input selector buttons to quickly change sources. Input: Three S-Video Female, Three TOSLINK Female, Three RCA Audio/Video Female. Output: One S-Video Female, One TOSLINK Female, One RCA Audio/Video Female. Please Note: This unit does not convert s-video to composite video, or composite video to s-video; the output signal is always the same as the original input signal. For your convenience, the following replacement parts are available for this item: Item #98009 - AC/DC Adapter, and Item #98014 - IR Wireless Remote Control.

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